We often talk about Jesus and what His life, death, and resurrection mean for our Christian faith, but often we don’t take enough time to be still and contemplate His own words—the Red Letters that light up the pages of the Gospels.
While the entire Gospel narrative is essential to Christian theology, Jesus' own words distinctively teach us how to live and how faith makes a difference in one's life. The Red Letters gives a clear overview of Christianity's foundational message in a unique way: allowing Jesus to speak for himself, without any human commentary.
For me, the sayings of Jesus are the closest way for me to know Jesus personally. I believe them to be the most accurate record of the ministry of Jesus –what he thought and taught and the words he himself lived by. Some of these words breathe life into our souls with their revelation of a loving God, with the freedom they invite us to enter, with the grace with which they overflow. Other sayings are not so easy to hear – they can be a tough pill to swallow.  Despite the tough nature of some of Jesus sayings, I believe if we listen intently to the words of the Savior and open our hearts, we will find peace and wisdom for living.