The great missionary David Livingston once said, “I’ll go anywhere, as long as it’s forward.” That’s the attitude that Christ wants and expects everyone of His followers to have. For every believer and church, if we are going to please God, there really is no other way to go but forward!

Whether individual or church we are not to be content to sit back and do business as usual. We cannot rest on past victories or be paralyzed by past defeats. We are to move forward in faith personally and corporately as the body of Christ.

Only those individuals and churches who step out in faith can make a difference for Christ. Only those who don’t fade away or move backward, but press forward in the name and power of Christ will find success and the approval of God. Many times it is our own fear and lack of faith that keep us moving sideways or keep us stuck in the past.

Individually we often find ourselves in the same position the Children of Israel found themselves when they stood before the Red Sea. Maybe you feel like they did, not knowing what is ahead of you. But its forward by faith—while you don’t know what is going to happen before you, trust that God is going to surely do some incredible things in your life and with your life.

Likewise "THE ROCK" finds herself at a unique time in her history. Where what is behind us, is a glorious and prestigious past. But what is ahead of us is the great unknown. And because of that,  there may be the tendency to backup or stand still. To do either is to sacrifice our God ordained future.  Such behavior, though passive in nature is really a covert way of sabotaging our future and displaying a lack of faith in God. As your pastor I can honestly say I don't know everything the future holds, but I trust the leading of God. For me backwards is not an option, forward is the only way. 

You see the message of the Christian life is this: God brought us out in order to take us in.  God took His children out of Egypt in order to bring them into the Land of Promise.  They’d already been to the brink of blessing when 40 years before, led by Moses, they were there at the Promise Land. But, because of their unbelief, they refused to go forward and they spent the next 40 years on the longest funeral procession in human history, dying in the desert.

God honors His people when they move forward in faith. In this season Mt. Pisgah and at this hour I ask that you will answer God’s call to move into uncharted territories of a God orchestrated and God ordained future.

There is no doubt our future will have its share of Red Sea moments when our back is against the wall BUT our God is the God of the impossible! He can give us the strength to advance even against the toughest foes. Just as the Lord fought for Israel against the Egyptian army, He’ll fight for us.  God cleared the way for Moses and the Israelites to cross the Red Sea, and He took care of Pharaoh’s forces. All the Israelites had to do was move out in faith.

Mt Pisgah, God is ready to part the waters and fight the battle for us if we will just step out in obedient faith. We must set our mind and heart to follow Him—and watch Him part waters in our future that threaten to trap us or swallow us up!


Forward in Faith! Forward in Hope! Forward Together!

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