You may expresse a desire to become a member of "THE ROCK" by:

  • In-Church Decision (physical presence at worship service)
  • Online Notification
  • Indication by other correspondence
In-Church Decision

Towards the end of worship service, an invitation for membership will be extended by the ministers and deacons.   They will be positioned throughout the sanctuary.  Those individuals desiring to join church will walk toward the nearest minister or deacon and inform him of their decision to join.  They will be led toward our Intake room, where members of our Member Assimilation and Connection Team will collect information for our membership records and provide additional information about our new member assimilation process.

Online Notification

Those individuals who may be viewing our services online can also, express their desire to join our congregation.  When viewing online, during the invitation for membership, there will be a phone number displayed on-screen.  Those desiring to join church can all that number and leave a message will their call back information.  A member from the Member Assimilation and Connection Team will follow-up with further information about joining the church.


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