Graphic Design requests include the following:

  • on-screen announcements
  • bulletin announcements
  • flyers
  • e-flyers
  • brochures
  • programs
  • booklets
  • shirts and more

Where can I expect to see my event promoted?

When a request is submitted, the event is published in the following places:

  • Recorded announcements
  • Bulletin
  • Website
  • This Week @ "THE ROCK” E-blast
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Printed Materials

In order to reduce the amount of paper being passed out on Sundays, printed materials such as flyers, handouts, brochures, etc.  will not be printed for mass distribution by the ushers unless the event being promoted applies to the congregation as a whole.  For example, if the Young Adult Ministry is having an event, flyers for that event will not be distributed by the ushers to the entire congregation as they exit worship service.  Ministries that would like to distribute any printed material may do so at a designated table after worship services.  Ministries may also have a graphic printed in the bulletin which features their event.

Submitting a Promotions (Announcement) Request












































All requests (including announcement and print materials) should be received by the Monday 3 weeks before you want the announcement to start running.  Using the calendar above as an example, if you want your announcement to run on Sunday, the 26th, your request must be submitted by Monday, the 6th.  When planning your event, careful consideration should be given to how long you want the announcement to run. The timeframe in which the request is made has a direct effect on when the announcement will run and how long it will run.  Any delay in your request, will delay design and/or production which, in turn, will delay exposure of your event.  For example, if your event is 8 weeks away, and you wish for your announcement to run for 4 weeks, then the requests must be submitted 7 weeks prior to your event date.  If your request is submitted 6 weeks out, then your announcement will only run for 3 weeks and so on.  The 3-week requirement allows for adequate time to develop the graphic, proof the script, and record the announcements. 

Additional timeframe considerations

Graphic proofing - If you would need a proof of your graphic, please allow an additional week.  This additional week allows for the ministry to review the work delivered and for any additional changes to be made.

Commercial production:  If you would like to record a commercial for promotion of your event, please allow 2 additional weeks for delivery.  This additional time allows for our media department to record, edit, and review the commercial before it airs.

Design of Graphic

In order to maintain a level of consistency set by the church office and creative staff, all graphics intended for use in any form of Mt. Pisgah Media will be created by the creative staff.  Suggestions on color scheme and/or images may be offered by the ministry requesting the graphics but may or may not be used at the discretion of the creative staff.

Request Form 

Please submit graphic requests via the online form by CLICKING HERE.  No verbal or handwritten requests will be accepted. 

Please complete the following fields on this form:

  • Contact Name - contact person for the ministry or organization
  • Email - email address of person submitting the request
  • Ministry- enter the ministry name
  • Event Details – enter all of the pertinent details for this event such as your audience, goals for the event, etc.  The information provided here should be as complete as possible this will be included on the webpage for your event.
  • Announcement - Enter the script that you would like to be recorded
  • Design input - enter any particular elements, if any, that you would like to include in this graphic (ie., color scheme, images)
          - Suggestions are welcome but may or may not be used at the discretion of the creative staff
  • Registration – if your event requires registration, please indicate the information that you would like your registrants to provide (ie. name, age, number of guests).  Also indicate whether there are any costs associated with this event.
  • Beginning Sunday - the Sunday you would like this announcement to start running
  • Ending Sunday - the Sunday you would like this announcement to stop running

On-screen Announcements

Each on-screen announcement consists of a graphic and a script. 

On-screen graphic

Due to the short time frame that the on-screen graphic is displayed, the information will be very brief.  This graphic will include the name of the event, date, time and how to find out more information about the event. 

Bulletin graphic

The graphics displayed in the bulletin will provide the same information as the on-screen announcement and will direct people to the website or an individual for more information.


The script is what will be stated during the announcement.  This must be provided by the ministry leader or representative in order to be recorded.  Please keep time in mind when working on your script.  When developing the script, please be sure to accent the most important details.  Your script should also provide directions on where to receive additional information (ie.  “Please call the church office for more information “).  Keep in mind that if a script is too long it will be edited.

Approval Process

When the graphic is complete, the draft will be sent to the ministry leader and/or representative for initial approval (if required).  If needed, revisions will be made and forwarded to the Business Manager and Senior Pastor for final approval.   All graphics must be approved by the Business Manager and Senior Pastor before launch or distribution.  For on-screen announcements, once final approval is received, the graphic and script will be sent to the Media Director to be included in the recorded announcements.