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Rev. Mark Harty
The purpose of Discipleship University is to get as many people as possible engaged in comprehensive and systematic Bible Study.  Additionally, Discipleship University seeks to provide powerful and practical Biblically based classes on Sunday morning that enrich, empower and encourage members of "The Rock" and the community to be all that God has called them to be.  Discipleship University will teach with the hope and purpose that those who have not yet received Christ as Savior, will, as their own readiness under the leadership of the Holy Spirit leads them and those who are already Christians will respond to God with maturing faith, love and obedience.
Discipelship University constists of the following educational schools:
  • The School of Wisdom - Seminars and training courses for those in or interested in church leadership, including teaching. These trainings may be offered offsite or sponsored by other churches.
  • The School of Evangelism - Evangelism training and outreach for congregational involvement.
  • The School of Compassion - a multi-course curriculum to help train members interested in bring restoration and healing to those broken, discouraged and confused.

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