The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) and Senior Pastor of "THE ROCK" developed this strategic plan with assistance from The Malphurs Group.  The strategic plan provides "THE ROCK" with a seven year roadmap for ministry, services and organizational development. The SLT, Executive Management and staff will review progress quarterly and update the plan annually as needed. The strategic plan will be the primary tool for defining "THE ROCK's" ministry and "how we will look." 

This team met over a two year period to assess its mission, vision, core operating values and assumptions underlying the church’s approach to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  These meetings set the stage for a finalized strategic plan which encompasses the go forward plans of "THE ROCK".


  • "Seeking" (Community Outreach)
    • Reach the community
    • Make a positive community impact
    • Move unsaved to saved
  • "Shaping" (Disciple Making)
    • Train to be spiritually mature/healthy disciples
    • Build healthy/thriving relationships
    • Mature disciples develop other disciples
    • Worshipping can be fun
  • "Sending" (Mobilization)
    • Spiritually mature disciples
    • Actively engaged in ministry
    • Preparing others for ministry work
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