And Moses went up…to the top of Pisgah which is opposite of Jericho, and the Lord showed him the promised land&hellip
(Deuteronomy 34:1)

On the third Sunday in June (1864) a few black missionaries and Rev. Butler, a white minister from Richardson, met under a large elm tree in the White Rock area of Dallas. At that meeting, the Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church was born and dedicated to God. The first deacons were John Huffman, Dan Howard, Sam Fowler, William Phifer, Tobe Howard and Jack Sanders. These men of vision blazed a trail for hundreds of Pisgahites to travel.

In 1886 the church made its second major dedication to serve God. By the year 1888 the first trustees were Sebanon Clark, Tobe Howard, William Phifer and Jack Sanders, who negotiated and purchased the first site at 14000 Preston Road on February 21, 1889, from William and Elvira Wilkerson. Sometime shortly after that, the church was built. It was said to have been long and narrow like a shotgun house. The water was drawn from a well (which remains on the property) and the church heated its members with a pot-bellied stove.

The years passed, circumstances arose, and the community changed; but the Rock stood. By 1943 the members were ready for a third major dedication, a new church structure. With rocks from Jacksboro, a few carpenters were hired who worked with the men of the church to complete a new monument in 1945 located at Preston Road.

Since that time three other major dedications to serve the Lord became a part of Mt. Pisgah's history. In 1978, the church acquired adjacent land for expansion at the Preston Road site. This land served as a parking lot. On April 30, 1981, the church purchased a three acre church complex located at 11611 Webb Chapel Road, five miles west of the Preston Road location. On February 14, 2016, our congregation moved to a newly purchased site, two professional two-story building at 1010 and 1020 Sherman Road in Richardson, Texas. With this migration, we more than doubling our physical footprint and expanded our opportunities for greater service to God's kingdom. This site is the current home of Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church.

Several pastors have led the congregation over the years – Reverends Butler, Shaw, Pitman, Stewart, Drake, Harns, Ballenger, Hayden, Watson, Moore, McGlover, Cecil Smith, Sr., and presently Rev. Robert Townsend, Senior Pastor.

Only a few of the many individuals and families that have been etched in the church history have been mentioned. Yet, there have been many more, they have not been forgotten.

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